All you need to know Google Merchant Center

What is Google Merchant Center?

Do you know that Google Merchant’s side is slightly different from the rest of Google? Google Martin Martin Split said this morning on this podcast that the Google Merchant team would first try to use only HTML, and if it can’t find what it needs, it can display the page.

They said it was half…

In other Google Merchant Center news, Google has announced changes to its annual specifications. These are the changes:

Changes start immediately:

Premium and Membership Cost Features: Premium and subscription feature prices for wireless products and services will only be accepted in countries approved for shopping advertisements. Sending values ​​of these attributes to other product categories may cause rejection.

Product Description Attribute: To help improve the quality of product data, we provide the product_detail attribute, which can be used to provide technical specifications not covered by other attributes. This optional feature enables you to provide structured, readable data and enhances our ability to display individual products based on user inquiries.

Product Highlight Attribute: We provide an optional product_highlight attribute to allow you to add short phrases to display your most important product features.
Reduction in price annotations: We have reduced our requirements to display lower price annotations on shopping ads. To view this annotation, you must upload Aadhaar or higher value for at least 30 days in the last 180 days. (Note: Days should not be consecutive.)
Changes from September 1, 2020,

Category requirements for Google product categories: Products falling within specific Google product categories, including certain media, clothing, and ancillary subcategories, require additional features and/or a set of unique product identifiers. If these essential features are not provided, such as gender, age, size, and colour, then your products will still be eligible to show, but their performance may be limited. Priority will be given to such products which have the required features which do not.

If the specified category is false, you can use the optional google_product_category attribute to cancel the automatic Google classification of your products.
Description feature: Description feature is required for all products. Products without a product description will still be eligible to show, but their performance may be limited. Description of Identical values ​​will be given priority to similar products with details of those missing.

Content, Style, and Image Attribute Attributes: Products with more than one price submitted for the content, pattern, or image attribute image will receive a warning. If your product has many materials or patterns, you can define more than one material or pattern value using italics, and pairs, but you cannot separate the values ​​with a comma. The extra_image_link attribute can be used to send additional images.
To ensure that your products are running and prevent potential rejection, please visit the Diagnostics page in your Merchant Center account to review the affected products and implement the necessary changes when these changes are effective.


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