3 best keyboards to buy in 2021

Is it like you are confused about buying you the best gaming keyboard in 2021? This is no different as there are many options available in the market. Every month there are the addition of two to three keyboard models on the market making it difficult for you to choose the best one. Depending on the situation and interests, the choice may vary. Most of us will choose a keyboard for playback, but some may choose a simple membrane keyboard too. Depending on the popularity of the switches, RGB, Media Controls, Comfort, and Stem colors, we have selected the best gaming keyboards for 2021. Read this article to the end to clear up your confusion.

Types of Play Keyboard

Before you know about the best gaming keyboards, you should know the types of gaming keyboards available in the market. This will help you to choose the best one according to your needs. They are also:

There are basically two types of gaming keyboards:

  • Membrane Keyboard
  • Mechanical Keyboard

1.Membrane keyboard

As shown by the name, the membrane keyboard operates on a membrane machine where all the keys on the keyboard reside in a three-compressed sensitive membrane.

Membrane keyboards are generally light in weight, easy to carry (portable), and make a small noise. Built-in membrane keyboards have a regional board with a layer of rubbers with buttons placed on top of it. Liquid keyboards have a shorter lifespan compared to their counterparts. These keyboards do not allow key rollover or NKRO, meaning only one disease can be registered at a time. This can be considered a major problem for Membrane Keyboards from the gaming console.

2. Machine Play Keyboard

Keyboards are a favourite among gamers because of their unique key experience. These keyboards have switches loaded with springs that bring a quick response when pressed. The soundtrack provides a gaming experience throughout the game. The small bright RGB beams under the buttons are really appealing and come in different patterns. What makes these keyboards a favourite among games is customization to change key keys with which you can change the keyboard look and feel.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards have three types of Switches. These are Linear, Tactile, and Clicky Switches. Direct switching comes with a smooth and consistent keystroke. Touch changes include a bouncy feeling during a walk in the middle of the distance where the button registers the input. And unlike Tactile Switches, Clicky Switches produce crispy sound while recording input.

Short Buying Keyboard Play Guide

Before I write you the best gaming keyboards, here are some tips to help you choose the best one. They are also:

1.Mechanical Or membrane: The first thing you need to decide is whether you need a Mechanical Or Membrane keyboard. Of course, this is not so difficult to determine.

You will have to give up that Key Rollover freedom in case you choose Membrane Keyboard. However, you can visit Membrane Keyboard if you are not a fan of graphic sounds and want to use the same keyboard for typing purposes. If you only want a play keyboard, you will need to go to the Mechanical keyboard.

2. Number Bed: Ask yourself if you need a keyboard with a bed of numbers on the right side of the keyboard. You may want a keyboard with a RHS number bed if you work regularly with maths etc. If you don”™t do that, you should avoid it as it makes the keyboard bigger than it takes up more space, leaving a relatively small room for the mouse.

3. Dedicated Controls: Check whether the keyboard has dedicated or shared controls. Avoid keyboards with shared controls as you will have to press the key to change their functionality, which makes it very annoying.

4. Stem Colors: Choosing the right machine keys is also considered a quality factor. The red or blue keyboard depends on the stem of the buttons, which produces a different type of click depending on the colors.

Majors Red & Blue was developed by a company called Cherry, and now these are considered market standards. If you want a keyboard with sharp click-through sounds, you can go with Cherry Mx Blue, and Cherry Mx Red is preferred by gamers as it offers a quiet feel.

5. Appearance: In appearance, I suggest you go to the keyboard that looks attractive when placed on the table. Do not buy a keyboard with very bright LEDs; you can buy a keyboard with decent LEDs with good lighting.

List of 3 Keyboard Games Best 2021

Let’s not stretch it too long; Here is a list of the 5 best and latest keyboards you can buy in 2021:

1. Corsair K70 Mk.2 (Mechanical)

First on my list is none other than the Corsair K70 MK.2. The Corsair K70 brand 2 is basically an updated version of the Corsair K70. Some commendable improvements have been made in MK.2. The Corsair K70 MK.2 comes with a full-blown anti-downtime key to ensure 100% keystroke registration. The combination of Dynamic and Unlimited colors associated with this keyboard makes it even more attractive. The construction quality is also good with Aluminum-grade brushed Aluminum which gives a premium feel.

The LED light is more than impressive as it not only shines around the buttons but also good light passes through the fonts. You can customize the color of each key separately depending on your preferences or select any pattern. And all of this can be done with the simple Corsair CUE software.

The Cherry Mx Stem colors available on this keyboard are Mx Silent, Mx Blue, Mx Brown, Mx Speed, and Mx Red. This keyboard comes with a dedicated bed of numbers that keeps you in place. I don’t think that makes a big difference.

Notable Features of Corsair K70 Mk.2

Dedicated media and volume c

2.Cosmic Byte CB-GK-18

Enhance your gaming experience with 18 fixed fixes on the mechanical keyboard and find something different to match your system.
Firefly comes with customized Outemu Red Mechanical modifications to ensure the best quality and is equipped with the visual sensors for direct play and comfortable typing.
Text-to-speech keystrokes provided superior grip and improved feel. No matter how fast your game actions, all the main press machines register properly.
The integrated keyboard design takes up little table space in a clean workspace.
With keycaps leaning back and designed forward to make typing more comfortable, folding legs allow you to choose the best typing length.

3. ASUS Membrane Gaming Keyboard

MECHANICAL TECHNICAL GAMES – ASUS TUF K1 Wireless Computer Keyboard includes a silent switching off machines that provides high clicks of responsive and reliable operation during intense games
ANTI-GHOSTING – 19-Key Rollover response action, internal memory, 8 keys that can be fully customized with fly macro keyboard recording for uninterrupted video games – it’s all over!
OVERVIEW – To protect the gaming keyboard from accidental spills and extend its longevity, the TUF K1 is designed to withstand scratches, friction and sweat! It is easy to clean and allows you to not interrupt the game
DEDICATED PC GAMING KEYBOARD AND VOLUME KNOB â € “Swipe with a rope to control your sound without raising your eyes to the screen. Includes ergonomic wrist rest & flexible legs for good comfort during marathons
Designed for Dedicated Players – TUF K1 Keyboard includes 5 individual lighting areas and RGB bars on the sides, with ASUS Aura Sync and support for the latest Armory Crate software for central control, and game-related game profiles and lighting.

4. Logitech G 413 Backlit

The Romer-GTM machine switch is designed for pro-grade performance, responsiveness and durability
The Romer-G is also designed for direct and clean lighting with keys, the keys are always visible and unobtrusive, especially during nighttime play
An additional USB cable connects the USB throughput port to its input 100% power and data speed, connect a device to charge or plug in to charge opponents.
Fully Functional Buttons: Function keys (FN) lets you control volume, play and pause, skip track, mute, turn on brightness, enter game mode, etc.
The top aluminum-magnesium alloy top case serves as the backbone of the keyboard, the result being a minimalist design with a complete set of features

5. SteelSeries Apex 7

  • Compact Design
  • Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • OLED Smart Display

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