Blocking a contact on WhatsApp stops him from sending messages and calls

4 Signs You’re Blocked by Another User on WhatsApp

One of the basic features of the instant messaging platform WhatsApp is to block a contact you no longer want to talk to. While this feature is the best way to prevent others from messaging or calling you, what if you’re on the other side of the tunnel and you’re not sure if you’ve been blocked or not? According to the WhatsApp FAQ page, there are several indicators that someone may have blocked you on WhatsApp. What are these indicators, you ask? Read on

1. The first indicator is that you will no longer be able to see the contact’s last contact or online status in the chat window. It could also be due to the privacy settings the user has chosen. But this is certainly an easy and main way to check if you have been blocked.

2. Another indicator that you might be blocked on WhatsApp is that you no longer see the contact’s profile picture.

3. One of the big indicators of being blocked on WhatsApp is that all messages sent to a contact you think has blocked you will always show one tick (message sent). There will never be a second tick indicating that the message has been delivered.

4. If you are blocked by someone on WhatsApp, you will also not be able to go through any calls – voice and video made with that contact.

If the user sees all of the above contact indicators, it may mean that the user is blocking him. However, there are other options. On its FAQ page, WhatsApp says it made it intentionally ambiguous to protect users’ privacy when they block someone.

How to block someone on WhatsApp

In case you want to block a contact on WhatsApp, go to the contact’s chat. Go to contact information by tapping the top bar showing the contact’s photo and name. Scroll down and you will see an option to block him/her. You can also block users in the App Settings section under Privacy.


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