5 thing you should know about voice chat feature in Telegram

Something Telegram wants to re-launch public radio in the 21st century, the messaging platform has added a voice chat feature to their register. Telegram users can create live voice chat times on channels with unlimited participants.

Frankly, this is not entirely new with Telegram. This voice chat feature was previously available to Telegram groups and was launched in December last year. It has never been extended to individual users.

And if you think this feature works with Clubhouse, it works. However, before you go inside to use this new feature, here are five things you need to know:

1. Keep it confidential

If you are a public person you do not need to use your Telegram account for these voice chats. You can conduct voice conversations as a channel and thus maintain your privacy. The channel you are creating can be upgraded again.

2. Missed the session? No worries!

You can record these voice conversations. Managers are allowed to record live sessions and the audio file is saved in the “Saved Messages” window when the session is over. This recording can be shared with people who missed a live session. When the time is recorded, everyone in the session will be able to see the red light next to the topic of voice chat.

3. I have a question

Raise your hand to let the administrator know you want to speak. The Clubhouse has the same feature as the Twitter Spaces. The main idea behind this is to cut down the clutter of many unwanted conversations. Managers will be able to see the person’s details, there is a bio where subject matter expertise can be discussed, so it is easy for them to decide whether the person in question should be allowed to speak.

4. Coordination

You can create different speaker and audience links in voice chat to make the list easier to manage managers. These links can be shared with other groups so that more people can join.

5. No limits

There is no limit to how many people can join this season, as is the case with Clubhouse. This serves as a good way to ensure that there is adequate access and is helpful in building a community of genres in the platform of like-minded people who may be interested in attending similar voice conversations

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