52% of Indian firms received a cyber attack in last 12 months

About 52% of pet companies claim to have been hit by cyberattack in the last 12 months despite having independent security budgets, according to a study by Sophos’ The Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan.

The study, in collaboration with Tech Research Asia (TRA), has revealed that cyber security budgets remain stagnant and high-level groups continue to reduce the level of damage threats that can pose to organizations.

In the break-up, 71% of firms admitted that this was a serious or serious attack, and 65% said it took more than a week to rectify the situation.

While the attacks are growing in size and intensity, cyber security budgets remain relatively unchanged as a percentage of revenue between 2019 and 2021. At the same time, India has reported high percentages of companies with independent security budgets. In addition, they expect an increase in the percentage between technology budgets spent on cyber security from 9% today to 10% in the next 24 months.

“Cyber ”‹”‹breaches are a reality that we cannot ignore. In the organization, there will always be many threats that can exploit a variety of threats and launch a full-scale cyber attack. The only way to stop these threats is to actively seek them out and reduce their power. Sunil Sharma, sales manager, Sophos India and SAARC.

In total, 44% of the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) firms were tested and abused data by 2020, up from 32% last year. The report found that malware attacks, illegal intelligence / machine attacks and land attacks will be the biggest threats to business security in the next 24 months.

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