A bright glow in the US is likely to enter the SpaceX debris

A spectacular display of night-sky lights over the Pacific Pacific Northwest could be a waste of space from the SpaceX re-entry into space, says the National Weather Service (NWS).

“While we wait for confirmation of the details, here are the illegal details we have so far. The most illuminated objects in the sky were debris from the second stage of the Falcon 9,” NWS Seattle said.

Videos posted on social media showed a thick collection of glowing dots with glowing streams of light moving slowly through the sky before exiting, and users speculated that the object might have been a sky bath or even, jokingly, an alien attack.

Local media outlets reported numerous views just after 9 p.m., with videos posted online from the states of Washington and Oregon.

The NWS Seattle said the detection could be caused by atmospheric debris rather than the weather or something similar because this would be much faster, a conclusion supported by a number of meteorologists cited by local media.

Jonathan McDowell of Harvard’s Center for Astrophysics also pointed to the Falcon 9 rocket section as the source of the fire-like display.

“The second phase of the Falcon 9 since the launch of the Mar 4 Starlink has failed to heat up the deorbit and is now re-entering after 22 days on the road,” he wrote on Twitter, referring to a rocket launched on March 4 carrying 60 internet satellites. Starlink route.

Deorbit burns explode spacecraft to slow down the car and start its descent, according to the NASA website.

McDowell wrote on Twitter that while “we can predict that this rocket segment will re-emerge today”, the speed at which it has travelled means it is difficult to predict where it will appear.

There were no immediate reports of damage, NWS Seattle said there was no expected impact on the ground.

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