Google Cloud data centre in London faces outage on UK’s hottest day

A Google Cloud data center in London faces an outage on the UK’s hottest day

The company said it was caused by a cooling-related failure in one of its buildings

A Google Cloud data center in London faced an outage on Tuesday, according to an update on the Alphabet Inc unit’s status page, as temperatures in the UK hit a record high.

Google Cloud said it was a “cooling-related” failure in one of the buildings and started at 13:13 ET (18:13 BST).

According to an update on the status page, a “small group” of customers are affected. Part of the problem still persists.

Britain recorded its hottest day on Tuesday with temperatures topping 40C (104F) as a heatwave that has gripped Europe intensified, forcing train tracks to buckle and fueling a spate of fires across London.


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