A new feature in Google Maps for users to rename lost routes

Google will soon allow users to make changes to their Maps. The search giant has introduced a new road planning tool. With this new feature, Google Maps users will be able to report any incorrect information or add to the amount of data available to other users.

Map users will be able to add lost routes and redirect, rename or delete invalid. According to an official blog from the company, this feature begins in the coming months in more than 80 countries when people can report traffic updates to Google Maps.

To make the change, Google has introduced an editing tool for immersed maps. When a user sees a lost road on maps.google.com, they can simply click on the sidebar button, go to “Edit Map”, and select “Lost Road.”

The tool can be used to add lost roads by drawing lines, quickly renaming roads, changing direction, and rearranging or removing bad roads. To increase the number of details, Google will also allow users to know when a road is closed with information such as dates, reasons and directions. In order to ensure that the suggestions and edits are accurate, Google will test updates for provided roads before publishing them.

Google Maps will also receive a new feature called ‘image updates’. This new update will allow users to share location information without leaving a full update. Within the app, it is possible to add local photos and see recent photos with captions of text embedded by others.


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