A Qualcomm says the lack of old chip will decrease rapidly

Qualcomm Inc chief executive Steve Mollenkopf said he “sees better” in efforts to reduce chip shortages that have caused disruption in many industries, and that demand for older chips is easier to respond.

Demand has skyrocketed with chips in recent months, with the acquisition of more shocking power to squeeze and drive the cost of cheap items for almost all microchips.

“There is a potential for the market to respond faster than other old nodes than new nodes, so depending on the product, you could be in a position to improve,” Mollenkopf, speaking on a videolink at the China Development Forum in Beijing on Saturday.

Speaking at the same board, Micron Technology Inc. president and chief executive officer Sanjay Mehrotra said the repair machine would aim to increase its sales in line with the growing demand for the company’s products.

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