Solar flare likely to hit Earth today; here's how it may lead to global outage

A solar flare is likely to hit Earth today; Here’s how it can lead to a global blackout

According to a space expert and physicist, a solar flare will soon hit Earth. A solar flare is a series of huge explosions from the sun’s surface that eventually emit flashes of electromagnetic radiation and intense heat. While Earth will not be affected by the heat, it may be affected by electromagnetic radiation that can temporarily disrupt signal transmission, according to NASA.

A solar flare erupted from the Sun on June 14, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) even drew attention to it.

Physicist Dr. Tamitha Skov also tweeted about a potential solar storm. She wrote: “Direct hit! A serpentine filament released as a large #solarstorm in Earth’s impact zone. NASA predicts impact early on July 19. Strong #aurora shows it’s possible, deep in the mid-latitudes. Amateur #radio & #GPS users expect signal disruption on the night side of Earth.”

A solar flare could lead to a potential power outage for radio and GPS users, Skoy mentioned. Solar flares are usually classified into levels based on their impact. This one is believed to be a G-3 level that cannot cause more destruction. However, it can cause the aurora borealis – a beautiful show for viewers on Earth.


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