Access to the Internet should be a fundamental right, says Tim-Berners Lee

The founder of the World Wide Web Tim-Berners Lee in a post commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the internet said governments should increase investment in technology to ensure that everyone has the ‘most effective internet connection with the speed, data and equipment they need to make the most of the web. ‘He said this is necessary to ensure that young people do not fall into the cracks.

“By providing millions of people with the tools to learn, gain and build, this money paid to future generations will bring tremendous returns in terms of economic growth and social upliftment. It is estimated that a 10% increase in online population translates into a 2% increase in economic GDP, and a new analysis finds that universal broadband access to developing countries by 2030 will bring about $ 8.7 trillion in direct economic benefits, “Lee wrote in his post.

In addition to urging the government to make changes, it also urged companies to make technology more useful and inclusive.

“The way products and services are designed helps determine whether young people can use them safely and effectively … Tech companies must understand the unique experiences and needs of young people and work with them to create products and services that respect their rights,” he wrote.

“Governments also need to enact effective laws governing technology and hold companies accountable for creating responsible products and services,” he added.

In her post, Lee emphasized that access to the internet was a fundamental right and that we should work to ensure that all young people have the tools they need to shape their world.

“As we have done with electricity for the past 100 years, we must view access to the internet as a fundamental right and we must work to ensure that all young people can connect to the web that empowers them to fix their world,” the founder of WWW said in his letter.

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