Acer sees global chip shortages gradually decline

The global shortage of mid-year consumer chips chips is starting to ease and it will be much better to arrive in the second half of the year, chief executive at Acer Inc of Taiwan, the world’s No. 5 PC retailer for shipping, said Tuesday.

From the delivery of automotive delivery in the supply of home appliances to the most expensive smartphones, businesses and consumers around the world are facing an unprecedented shortage of semiconductor microchips.

Originally focused on the automotive industry, shortages have now spread to other consumer goods, including Smartphones, refrigerators and microwaves.

Andrew Hou, president of Acer of Pan-Asia Pacific Operations, told reporters in Taipei that since the crisis first surfaced in the fourth quarter of last year, purchases “jumped in” as suppliers worked to address the situation.

Hou said he expects better goods in the second quarter compared to the first quarter of this year, and that the situation in the second quarter will be better than in the second quarter.

“That’s what we’re seeing right now,” he added.

The shortage is due to consolidation as car manufacturers, who shut down crops during the COVID-19 epidemic last year, are competing with the major consumer electronics sector for chip products.

Consumers have laptops, sports consoles, and other electronic devices during the epidemic, leading to the accumulation of goods. They also bought more cars than expected by industry officials last spring, further continuing property disruptions.

Hou said sales in his region, which excludes China, are booming, as companies and governments seek portable computers to help people learn and work from home.

“What is lacking are not high-level issues – they are the ones people have been neglecting for a long time.”

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