AI will play a key role in India’s agricultural growth

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to play a key role in the growth of Indian agriculture that frees the industry from stressful conditions and stimulates the transition to data-driven agriculture, according to a Nasscom-Ernst & Young report called ‘Leveraging AI to boost productive Indian agriculture. ‘

Although it is an agricultural economy, many challenges are putting the Indian agricultural sector back on track. “However, with increasing government support, growing agritech providers, an increasingly low-impact environment, and an increase in AI acquisition among rural farmers, strong transformation momentum continues,” Nasscom said in a statement.

Data consolidation, the lack of awareness of infrastructure when processing data, and its availability have been some of the challenges facing the industry today. In addition, the lack of awareness of agricultural inputs, the availability of quality seeds, the lack of adequate irrigation infrastructure, and the lack of farmers’ money, are some of the challenges the sector faces.

“AI has the potential to play an important role in assisting the industry in many stressful input environments, resulting in changes in data-driven farming. The use of large-scale data and the level of sensory farmland will help increase yields and improve the utilization of available resources, “said Nasscom.

“India’s agricultural sector can use the power to transform AI through efficient data systems. The Netherlands is a good example of successful AI in agriculture. With just a small amount of arable land the country has become the world’s second largest producer of agricultural products and use technology and AI,” said Debjani Ghosh. president, Nasscom.

“For India to realize the full potential of AI, government partners, industry, and beginners in providing the necessary infrastructure and policy support, empowering AI design across all sectors, and advising and providing financial support for startups is essential,” he added.

Based on the results of the research, revenue growth, innovation and farmer / customer experience are key AI priorities for agribusinesses. In addition, companies consider a dedicated AI strategy and budget as an essential requirement to measure the AI ”‹”‹plans of an entire business post covid-19.

Nasscom has said it will continue its campaign to promote the adoption of AI in the country by empowering innovation and building startups, creating hackathon platforms for guessing and building new solutions, facilitating research, and collaborating with government to create a national AI policy framework.


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