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Airtel launches Wynk Studio, aims to bring 5000+ artists by 2024

Owned by Airtel, Wynk Music is one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the country. The telecom giant has now launched Wynk Studio, a platform for artists. In a statement, Airtel said Indians spend more than 21 hours listening to music every week, compared to the global average of 18 hours.

Wynk Studio plans to address some of the most pressing issues artists face, such as discovery, monetization and data analysis.

“The economy of music creators is in its infancy, but it is poised to grow significantly. With Wynk Studio, we’re building a platform that allows budding musicians to pursue their passion while making money. Airtel’s experience in music streaming, ability to achieve scale and long-standing relationship with over 350 million customers will ensure that all stakeholders in the industry have an equal and rewarding journey. We want to attract talent from around the world and expand the platform to 5,000 artists in the next year,” Airtel Digital CEO Adarsh ​​Nair said in a press statement.

Wynk is reportedly spending Rs 100 crore and plans to bring over 5,000 independent artists on the platform by the end of next year. The platform already has more than 100 artists on the platform in India, Singapore and the United States. Some of these artists include Nishad Patki, Gagan Baderiya, Ajay Nagarkoti, D-Shaw and Prateek Gandhi who each have more than a million streams.

Currently, Wynk Music offers songs in more than 15 Indian languages, with regional songs accounting for more than 30 percent of total streams.


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