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Algo Rhythm: AI poses significant privacy concerns, survey says

A survey by privacy and data security provider Tssaro and Fractal shows that only 61 percent of participants are aware of what artificial intelligence (AI) bias is, while 65 percent try to avoid AI features such as unlocking the phone with Face ID . and digital voice assistance.

The survey, AI’s Race for Responsibility and Privacy, involved more than 1,000 people who use or work with AI in their daily lives in India and was conducted online through various social media and professional channels in June.

Akarsh Singh, co-founder and CEO, Tsaaro, said: “While privacy concerns are usually always a major concern when using new technologies, the scale and applicability of AI presents a particularly challenging scenario.”

Key takeaways

61% of participants are aware of what bias is in AI
65% said they try to avoid AI features such as Face ID and digital voice assistants
100% of participants who work in AI said their company teaches them about AI-related privacy issues
36% believe that strict data localization requirements must be met
55% believe that data confidentiality agreements must be mandatorily shared with government and data protection authorities; 45% strongly disagreed
When asked about the government’s unbridled powers under the new law to process citizens’ data without consent, 55% of respondents confirmed the citizens’ right to information and consent.

Opinions of the general public

93% of the public is familiar with AI
56% of the public is aware of the privacy concerns associated with AI
62% of the public is unsure if artificial intelligence is on par with public safety expectations
74% of users prefer privacy over the convenience of using AI
17% of participants agree that there are laws governing the use of AI in India
7% of participants believe that India has enough safeguards to handle privacy breaches caused by the use of AI
96% of participants think AI governance is lacking in India

Opinions of AI developers

50% of developers believe they are on the verge of developing responsible artificial intelligence
100% believe in mandatory cybersecurity training for all employees
100% of participants say they have control processes in place and rely on various stakeholders and their own resources to identify potential biases

Risk assessment framework

25% said they are implementing controls to address risks
15% maintain ongoing stakeholder engagement and oversight
15% check your input data bias
15% said there was a clear delineation of roles


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