Amazon Android app gets a redesigned UI

Amazon apps for Android and iOS in India offer high quality user interface. But that is not the case with its applications elsewhere. Now, the name says the company has updated the UI of its Android system in the US.

According to the Droid-Life report, the company has made several changes to the old UI. For example, the sidebar is now a navigation area below. The new UI now has home tabs, profiles, cart, and menus that will help users access various categories in the app.

Amazon, as a report, also changes the text size of certain pages in an app such as a menu page. Similarly, the profile page now has curved buttons that move sharply in the construction of the old application.

In addition, the company also updates the Whole Foods and Fresh pages in the app. In the new UI, these pages have their own color scheme and color scheme among other things.

That said, it remains to be seen whether the UI change is part of a server-side update or a Google Play Store update. Amazon has begun releasing a new UI for its users. It should be available to all users soon.

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