Amazon hosts the Great Foodie Fest in India

Amazon is known for offering huge sales to its platform when it offers discounts on the purchase of a variety of products from electronics to home decor items. Today, the company announced the Great Foodie Fest.

The 10-day bard festival will start on March 26 and will continue until April 4. During the bard festival, Bengali customers can enjoy deals and cash prizes on orders from popular restaurants and cloudy kitchens around them by entering an easy-to-deliver door.

In addition, Bengali customers can participate in a restaurant among neighbors where they can enter by placing orders during a continuous meal. The company says customers are divided into five groups across Bangalore based on their location – North Bengaluru Bingers, East Bengaluru Belters, Central Bengaluru Crunchers, West Bengaluru Munchers and South Bengaluru Snackers. The neighborhood team with the highest number of orders at the end of the fest will win face-to-face.

Amazon says winners of face-off will receive an additional 10%, while Premier members will receive a 15% refund on all orders they make next month.

In addition, customers will also hear the background stories of some of Bengaluru’s most prominent dishes directly from the city’s leading chefs.

Amazon Food can be found in the Amazon app or by clicking on the ”˜Food”™ icon in the section bar, simply search for ”˜Amazon Food”™ or by selecting ”˜Amazon Food”™ under ”˜Shop by Category”™.

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