Amazon launches $ 250 million funds for startups in India

Amazon is hosting its annual event, Amazon Smbhav, in India between April 15 and April 18. On the first day of the event, Amazon announced a $ 250 million revenue package to help start pricing and small and medium-sized businesses in India.

The newly launched fund is called the $ 250 million Amazon Smbhav Venture Fund and aims to invest in startups and entrepreneurs focused on new technologies in making SMB digital, agricultural and health care in India. Announcing the fund, Amazon India said its engagement fund would focus on promoting the best ideas for digital SMBs, developing new agricultural-led technologies to improve farmers’ productivity and enable them to bring the best Indian farms to consumers and empower universal access and health access. high for all technology users.

In the Agri-tech sector, the Venture Fund will invest in Indian startups that use technology to deliver better products to consumers, make agricultural inputs more accessible to farmers, provide more agronomy solutions to farmers to improve productivity, distribute debt and insurance to farmers or reduce waste. which works well to make a feed fork.

In the field of Health Care, the fund will invest in Indian startups using medical assisted technology, telemedicine, diagnostic, AI-enabled medical recommendations or digital performance of health care providers such as private primary care clinics, diagnostic labs, clinics, clinics, clinics medical clinics to improve access to a wide range of patient information that is not known for its nature.

In addition to this, the company has also announced its plans to make a million computers offline merchants and neighboring online stores, in the Amazon India market in 2025 through its Local Shops on Amazon program.

In addition, Amazon India is launching a ‘Spotlight North East’ program to bring 50,000 artisans, weavers and small businesses online from eight regions in the North East region of India by 2025 and increase the export of essential goods such as tea, spices and honey from the region. . The company has announced that it is partnering with government agencies including TRIFED and NEHHDC to participate, create skills and empower professional communities and weave throughout the region. The e-giant has also sold Amazon Amazon Selling to help boost exports of special agricultural products from the North East such as tea, honey and spices to Amazon customers worldwide.

Today’s announcement coincides with an announcement made by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos at Amazon Smbhav 2020. At the event, Bezos had said his company would invest $ 1 billion in making digital and medium (SMB) computers in digital India. Apart from this, Amazon has also promised to invest 10 million digital SMBs and create one million jobs in India by 2025.

Recently, Amazon India announced that it has installed 2.5 million SMBs. The company also claimed to have created more than 300,000 direct and indirect jobs in India across all industries last year.


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