Amazon shares a report card of its progress in India

Amazon India on Thursday shared a report card on its development in India. The company has actually provided an update on the progress it has made with its commitments made at the Smbhav Summit last year.

Amazon India today announced the introduction of medium and small business computers (MSMEs) in India. The MSME companies he has worked with include professionals and weavers, delivery service partners and more among others. The company today said that as of January 2020 nearly 250,000 new retailers have joined the Amazon platform in India.

The company also said more than 75,000 registered vendors in the Amazon India market in Indian regional languages, including support for Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Kannada. Amazon said its ”˜Local Shops on Amazon”™ program launched in April 2020 has grown 10 times since its launch and has now included products from more than 50,000 online retailers and neighboring stores from around the country.

The company has also announced that it has created more than 300,000 direct and indirect jobs in India across all industries including information technology, skills development, content creation, marketing, marketing, and manufacturing, including job roles in its corporate offices including Learning Machines (ML) and development. of software, direct and indirect functions at its fulfillment centers, resource centers, sales offices, data centers among others in the past year. In total, the company said in total, it has helped create more than a million direct and indirect job opportunities in the country since 2013.

Sharing information on its Global Marketing program, Amazon India said that last year, more than 70,000 expatriates who are part of Amazon Global Selling have raised more than $ 3 billion overseas.

“As we continue to work with small and medium enterprises in our ecosystem, we remain committed to bringing new tools, technologies and innovations that will open up the Indian business environment, increase exports, help create more jobs and contribute to Aatmanirbhar Bharat’s vision. With the world around us becoming more digital as the internet and technology become an integral part of our lives, we see a great opportunity to empower millions of SMBs around the world and remain committed to making Amazon the cause of this rapid progress, ”said Amit Agarwal, Vice President. The World’s Chief of Staff and Head of State in Amazon India, it said.

The announcement follows an announcement made by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos last year in which he announced that his company would invest $ 1 billion in making small and medium enterprises (SMBs) digital in India.

An Amazon manager at the start of his trip to India with the Smbhav company conference had said his company would help SMBs export products worth $ 10 billion by 2025.

“Over the next five years, Amazon will invest $ 1 billion to make small and medium-sized businesses in cities, towns and villages across India, helping them reach more customers than ever before. The move will use the global Amazon route to create $ 10 billion in India’s foreign currency by 2025, “Bezos said at the time.

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