AMD introduces new Ryzen Pro 5000 processors

AMD has announced its new Ryzen Pro 5000 mobile processors that will compete with the Intel vPro platform. The new Zen-3 chipset is intended for small and light business laptops and will provide “performance that does not reduce battery life and health,” says AMD.

Ryzen Pro 5000 chipsets include the same specifications on Ryzen 5000 chipsets. This includes the new octa-core Ryzen 7 Pro 5850 with 16 cables and 20MB of storage. The chip has a basic frequency of 1.9GHz and will upgrade to 4.4GHz. The new design only includes processors for small and light laptops that use eight cores that work well.

In addition to the Ryzen 7 Pro, the product also introduces the Ryzen 5 Pro 5650U with six-strand and 12-strands, and the Ryzen 3 Pro 5450U with four-strand and eight-strands. All three chips have 15W TDP.

For businesses, new chips will offer new security features including Shadow Stack designed to protect systems from malware. Chips also include AMD’s Pro’s Manageability platform, including “full control features”.

AMD also stated that the new chips will provide deeper integration with Microsoft and OEMs for better security and that PCs using chips will be certified with FIPS encryption. The Ryzen Pro 5000 series will also support Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager, a platform that allows IT staff to manage multiple PCs, servers, and other devices.

The new AMD Ryzen Pro 5000 Series chipset will be available on laptops by HP and Lenovo soon. Variations featured by the product include HP Elitebook 845 G8, HP Probook Aero 635 G2 (AMD only), HP Probook x360 435 G8 (AMD only), Lenovo Thinkbook 16P (special AMD), Lenovo Thinkbook 14S and Lenovo Thinkpad T14S.

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