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An early version of the Bloom wallpaper from Windows 11 leaked online

Windows Aesthetics user on his Twitter shared early prototypes of the Bloom wallpaper from Windows 11, which differ significantly from the final version. This is not surprising, since these products always go through several iterations and are gradually refined based on feedback. But early implementations often remain in the bowels of companies, and very few have seen them.

In the images below, you can see one iteration of the Bloom wallpaper that looks more like flower petals. This version was also in line with the developers’ idea, but it was perceived as an ordinary beautiful wallpaper, and not part of the identity of Windows 11. As a result, Microsoft chose the current version of the wallpaper, which is in harmony with the material design of the operating system.

In turn, the FireCubeStudios user shared a dark version of this wallpaper in 8K resolution. You can download the image from the cloud storage Google Drive. Unfortunately, there is no light version of the wallpaper on the web yet. It is only known that it was present in one of the internal assemblies of Windows 11, which did not leak to the network.

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