The intriguing story about India's first organic company

An engaging story about India’s first organic company

In India, thousands of farmers across the country are switching to organic farming. An attempt is made in the study to explore organic farming as an alternative farming system in the country. The cause of organic farming has been taken up by a number of NGOs in various states and many state governments have proposed policies to support it.

Organic brands started popping up from all directions. While the organic farming culture may be mesmerizing these days, there is one company that envisioned the same way back in 1993 – Goa-based Ambrosia Organic Farm, founded by David Gower, a man passionate about agriculture and Indian culture. He and his wife Michaela Kelemen moved from the UK to Goa in the hope of settling down and growing organic crops.

In 2008, David passed Ambrosia to Janardan Khorate. Since the handover, Janardan Khorate – popular as Saladbaba – has taken Ambrosia Organic Farm to new heights, increasing its value from 10 million to 40 million. Furthermore, many believe that India did not have an organic farm until 2003. However, Ambrosia Organic Farm was established in 1993 and has had plenty of time to spread the word and build its loyal customer base across Goa and the world.

To provide education to all farmers’ children, Ambrosia Organic Farm forwards 20% of its profit for their education. In addition, Saladbaba advocates empowering farmers and educating them about organic farming. Hence the tagline ‘Save the Farmers’ appears apt for this organic brand.

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