An integrated Road Accident Data meeting was held

Road accident statistics are now digital, making it easier to analyze accident-related information, the official said.

A national workshop on the ‘Integrated Road Accident Database’ (IRAD) program was held here on Wednesday.

The Department of Roads and Highways has implemented the IRAD program, explained its details and discussed technical solutions, said Transport Commissioner Ravi Jain.

Nodal officials from Rajasthan and related departments in six provinces, including Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh were involved, Jain said.

An estimated 3 800 police and transport personnel have been given IRAD training so far in the province, he added.

IIT Madras professor Venkatesh Balasubramaniam, Deputy Director of National Informatics Center Pawan Joshi and other experts shared their views.

Under this program, an online register will be created for scientific analysis and real-time testing to determine the development of a policy and program to effectively prevent road accidents and fatalities.

Digital installations were performed on 802 accidents in Rajasthan, 734 in Uttar Pradesh, 554 in Maharashtra, 904 in Madhya Pradesh, 1502 in Karnataka and 2,168 in Tamil Nadu. PTI AG HMB

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