Android 12L coming to Microsoft, Samsung and Lenovo devices this year

Google Vice President of Android Engineering Andrey Popescu announced that devices from Microsoft, Samsung and Lenovo will be the first to receive Android 12L later this year. Recall that this version of the Android operating system is being developed specifically for tablets and foldable devices.

Apparently, Microsoft is planning to release Android 12L for its Surface Duo 2 foldable smartphone, and Lenovo will update its P12 Pro tablet to this version of the operating system. As for Samsung, Android 12L is available for every Galaxy Tab tablet, and Z Fold smartphones can also benefit from switching to this version of the OS.

Android 12L includes many features designed to improve the system experience on large screens. In particular, the notification center has been updated, the settings interface has been improved, and a taskbar has been added that allows you to quickly switch applications and makes it easier to switch to split-screen mode.

Google also states that future versions of Android will include many of the user interface improvements made in Android 12L.

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