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Android 13 trial launched for Vivo X80 Pro and iQoo 9 Pro users

Android 13, which was released in India on August 15, 2022, will now be available on devices like Vivo X80 Pro and iQoo 9 Pro. While the new version of the Android operating system is said to be available on Google Pixel smartphones first, the latest version is also available to some Vivo X80 Pro and iQoo 9 Pro users. The latest update was released to users on August 23, 2022.

According to a report in Livemint, the latest Android operating system comes with improved clipboard functionality, support for different languages ​​in different apps and also has better connectivity between Android phones and tablets. The updated version of the operating system was supposed to be made available only to users who signed up for the Android 13 Preview program. A total of 1,000 users were eligible for early access to Android 13. However, neither Vivo nor iQoo have made any announcements on when they will bring the stable update.

Vivo has asked its X80 Pro users to upgrade their devices to the latest system version and above, while iQoo 9 Pro users have been advised to upgrade their devices to system version or above.

Android 13 features

The latest version of the Android operating system comes with an “advanced look and feel that builds on the Material You theme.” With this new update, smartphone users can now assign specific languages ​​to individual apps on their devices. This feature was added after Google added more language support.

In addition to the language feature, the operating system will also allow users to customize third-party apps to match their device’s wallpaper and colors.

The new operating system also has an updated media player for a better user experience. It adapts its look and feel based on the music/podcast you’re listening to. Android 13 also has improved security for users to prevent unwanted access to the clipboard. If a user copies any sensitive data such as email address, mobile number or password, Android will automatically delete these details from the clipboard history after some time.

According to the report, the OS update also comes with a note that the Android 13 preview may slow down the performance of some smartphones for some users.


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