Announced Google IO 2021, Android 12 and more are expected

It has been a few days since Apple announced the dates for the World Conference on Engineers or WWDC. And now, we have the second tech giant Google, announcing the date of its version of the developer conference, Google IO 2021. The conference, where we see the new version of Android officially launched and shown, will be held from May 18 to May 20. Appropriate to add that Google completely canceled its conference last year due to the epidemic. This one, however, will be free to go as it will be fully visible – like the WWDC.

And as usual, Google provided a puzzle to resolve on its social media handle that marked the date. However, if you still want to solve the puzzle, you can do it on a dedicated website.

It is worth adding that in addition to the newer version of Android, Android 12, the company can also unlock new hardware. Back in Google IO for 2019, the company unveiled its Pixel 3a / XL with Nest Hub Max and a compact Google Nest product. The event usually takes place at the Shorline Amphitheater in Mountain View right there at Googleplex headquarters.

It has been happening since the years when Google released the beta version of the next big months of Android OS before it was shown on stage during the IO conference. This year you did the same. Just last month, the company released the second beta developer for Android 12.

Preview comes with a lot of new features, one of which is picture-by-picture mode. It is also said to include a ‘game dashboard’ for gamers. Updates include expanding the security of lock screen notifications and expanding the Companion Device Manager range.

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