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Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.590 and 22622.590 (Beta Channel) 220820-2051 ni_release_svc_prod2

Good evening friends! Microsoft has released new preview builds of Windows 11 (version 22H2) numbered 22621.590 and 22622.590 (KB5017846) for members of the Windows Insider Beta Program.

  • Assembly 22622.590 – testing of new functions is available.
  • Assembly 22621.590 – new features are disabled by default.

If you are in a group with features disabled by default (build, then check for updates and agree to install an optional update that will make these features available (build

Full build numbers:

  • 10.0.22621.590.ni_release_svc_prod2.220820-2051
  • 10.0.22622.590.ni_release_svc_prod2.220820-2051

Evaporations in Assembly 22622.590

  • General:
    • We fixed an issue resulting in Control Panel not launching from the Start menu, Search, or if it was pinned to the taskbar in a previous flight.
    • Based on feedback, Microsoft has disabled the ability to send a local file to OneDrive using the Share dialog in Windows. Recall that this feature was first introduced in build 22622.436. The company hopes to return this feature after certain improvements. As mentioned earlier, the Dev and Beta channels are testing features that may not make it to release.
  • Conductor:
    • We fixed an issue in the previous flight where some Insiders were experiencing an intermittent crash in explorer.exe when trying to access certain folders.
    • To help people find their folders after updating the navigation bar, default folders that have been unpinned will be re-pinned to the navigation bar once after the system update.
    • We fixed an issue where switching between light and dark skins while the File Explorer window was open could cause the UI to use the wrong color and text to become unreadable.
    • We fixed an issue where the New, Sort, View, etc. buttons on the command bar could be visibly cut off vertically after scaling text in Accessibility.
    • The background of the Search box in File Explorer should no longer be dark when using a light theme.
    • If you move keyboard focus to the tab bar (using F6), then pressing the arrow keys to move focus will now also set focus to each tab’s close button.
    • If the taskbar is set to auto-hide and the File Explorer window is maximized to full screen, hovering the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen should now bring up the taskbar. Previously, this feature did not work.
    • Fixed a memory leak that occurred when closing File Explorer windows.
    • Fixed a GDI object leak when resizing the navbar in File Explorer, which could cause content to display incorrectly in File Explorer over time for users who frequently resize the navbar.
  • Task bar:
    • The taskbar overflow pop-up menu should now use your chosen accent color like the rest of the taskbar if “Show color of items in Start menu and taskbar” is enabled in Settings.
    • Applications in the taskbar overflow menu should now be in the correct order when using Arabic or Hebrew.
    • If the taskbar is center-aligned and full, then the open widget panel button will shrink to free up some space on the taskbar.
    • Fixed several issues with taskbar overflow that caused explorer.exe to crash intermittently.

Fixes for both builds

  • We fixed an issue that affects the cldflt.sys file. An error occurred when using this file with Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Fixed an issue affecting robocopy. Robocopy was unable to set the correct modification time of a file when using the /IS option.

Known Issues

  • General:
    • We are investigating reports that audio playback has stopped working for some Insiders.
  • Conductor:
    • [New] We are investigating reports that a small number of Insiders have stopped opening File Explorer after installing a previous build if the “Launch folder windows in a separate process” option is enabled.
    • [New] Engineers are working on a fix for an issue where Command Bar items such as Copy, Paste, and Empty Trash may not appear when they should.

We wish you a successful update!


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