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AnTuTu test of the Apple A16 chip shows a 19% improvement in GPU performance  

While an earlier Geekbench result of the Apple A16 chip painted a particularly grim picture of its performance, things now seem to be looking up as the AnTuTu team has dug up results from the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

According to GSM Arena, the Pro variant recorded a total score of 978,147, while the Pro Max scored 972,936. This represents an improvement of around 19 percent compared to the 13 series models.

Since the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models use the chipset from the iPhone 13 Pro duo, this is also a comparison within the 14 series. The vanilla iPhone 14 phones have also been upgraded to 6GB of RAM like last year’s Pro.

GSM Arena reported that the breakdowns show that CPU performance increased by a decent 17 percent, while the memory score increased by 10 percent. It’s truly a GPU that stuns with a 28 percent jump over the previous generation.

It’s surprising that Apple didn’t mention it during the presentation, as it could be the biggest generational improvement in years.

By comparison, the first AnTuTu results for the iPhone 13 Pro last year showed a 17% increase in CPU scores over the 12 Pro generation and a 19% increase in GPU. In 2021, it was the memory score that stunned with a 44 percent jump according to GSM Arena.


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