Apple announces macOS Ventura with Stage Manager

During WWDC 2022, Apple announced macOS Ventura with a host of new features including Stage Manager, Continuity Camera, and FaceTime Handoff. Here are some of the features the company has announced with the latest version of their desktop OS.

MacOS Ventura: Multitask with Stage Manager

Stage Manager is a tool that will automatically organize applications and windows, helping users to focus on that while seeing everything through a single glass. The current window will be highlighted in the center and some open windows will appear on the left so they can switch quickly and easily between tasks. Works with other window installation tools such as Mission Control and Spaces.

MacOS Ventura: Use your iPhone as a webcam with a continuous camera

With Continuity Camera, Mac users can start using a high quality camera on their iPhone as a webcam. Macs will be able to automatically detect and use the camera on the iPhone when nearby, It will feature features such as Center Stage, Portrait Mode and a new Studio Light effect that will brighten the user’s face while blurring the background. The Continuity Camera will also incorporate the widest camera on the iPhone to enable Desktop View.

MacOS Ventura: Some updates to OS features

Safari will be updated as well as shared Tab Groups that will allow users to share sites with their friends and family, allowing them to see what others are looking for, and live. Users can also start a FaceTime message chat or call from Safari.

Spotlight will come up with an updated design that is designed to make navigation easier. Users will now be able to find photos in their photo library, across the system and on the web. They will also be able to search for their photos by location, people, groups or objects; With Live Text that allows them to search for text within images.

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