Apple Arcade is adding more than 30 new game

Apple Arcade, a tech giant gaming registration service has recently introduced a load of new games. New titles include Fantasian, NBA 2K, The Oregon Trail and World of Demons, among others. The new Apple Arcade update also divides new games into two categories. This will be called ‘Outdated Classics’ and ‘App Store Greats’.

The games under Timeless Classics will feature titles such as backgammon, solitaire, chess and sudoku. Meanwhile, the App Store Greats will feature titles such as Third, Monument Valley, Mini Metro, and a remaster of Cut the Rope.

Unlike most arcade games, new titles in Apple Arcade will not be played on most Apple devices. Instead, they will be available on Apple iPhones and iPads only. With new updates and more than 30 games, Apple Arcade now hosts more than 180 games.

What is the Apple Arcade and how much does it cost?

Apple Arcade is a premium video game registration service for iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. In India, the service was launched in September 2020 and is now available for Rs 99 a month or Rs 999 a year. Games in Apple Arcade will also be free of ads and microtransaction. Users even get the support of One Box and PlayStation 4 controllers.

Apple Arcade strategy change

Launched early in 2019, Apple Arcade was supposed to be a new place different from premium and special games. However, Apple has had a strategic change since then and the product is reportedly unhappy with Apple Arcade involvement.

As a result, Apple reportedly canceled several game contracts that would later be launched on Arcade. A Bloomberg report suggested that instead Apple would focus on games that would keep players back.

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