Apple celebrates Holi with close-up photos on the iPhone 12

Apple celebrated Holi in its own unique way. The technology company shares a post on its official Instagram page with images clicked on one of its iPhones. The company shares the proximity of human faces covered in festive colors.

Photos courtesy of Dhruvis S., a photographer commissioned by Apple Inc.

The company said in a statement, “Posted by Apple. In celebration of #Holi, photographer Dhruvin S. redefines the way we look at traditional Holi flour. “

The article went on to say, “I never thought that Holi was an art form. It is almost like making a cloth on the face. And you do not have to be an artist or an artist to do this. “

Photos show the power of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with close-up shots. The company also shared another behind the video (BTS) photoshoot.





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