Apple expands free technical learning to help teachers

Teach and learn from anywhere with Schoolwork and Classroom Apps

eachers will soon be able to gain a better understanding of student work through support of progress data and time spent on documents, videos and links provided for homework. New updates to the app will give teachers the opportunity to share Homework projects with colleagues, by releasing assignments made in the app. Projects can be relocated to Schoolwork or other platforms. Additional additions to the sidebar enhance navigation with faster access to classes, offers, and student accounts. These new features will make homework a more powerful tool to help teachers manage and customize education.

For the first time, the Classroom app will support learning across school walls. Classroom always connects students in the same physical area with their teachers, and soon teachers will be able to invite distant students to join a Class session. While connected, the same Classroom classroom teachers are familiar with will allow them to guide students to specific applications, view their screen, and see a summary of their engagement. As always, Apple designed this feature with a view to student privacy. Using their managed Apple ID, the teacher can request a connection and the student can choose to accept. In addition, the Classroom app has been redesigned using Mac Catalyst, offering seamless feel to the iPad and Mac, including those powered by M1, Apple’s first chip specifically designed for Mac. Updated design and advanced smart teams give teachers a brief overview of students’ status, including whether they are online, local or remote, using an iPad or Mac, or whether the device has an obsolete battery. All this information is readily available and studied to help teachers use their study time.

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