Apple farmers meet in Srinagar, urges help to form cooperatives

Apple growers gathered in Srinagar, begging for help to form cooperatives

The first meeting of apple growers from Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, was held in Srinagar on Thursday. The resolution adopted at the workshop states that although apple farmers earn about Rs 4,300 crore per year, the market value of apples they sell in retail markets is estimated at Rs 14,400 crore. “The remaining 70%, i.e., whooping ₹ 10,000 crore per year is allocated to various stakeholders including corporate players, liaison and commission agents, cold chain owners, transporters, retailers, retailers, credit bureaus and suppliers. as a tax on the Government, ”the ruling said.

“Apple is a Kashmir way of life. Almost 70% of the people of the Valley depend on the cultivation of apples.

The main organizer of the workshop and former MP M.Y. Tarigami told Hindus that as the harvest of apples began in August, farmers were unsure of the value of their efforts. “Apple is a Kashmir way of life. Almost 70% of the people of the Valley depend on the cultivation of apples. three Indian growers of apples.

Call end infrastructure

The Constitution called for the provision of assistance and support to build a network of co-operatives producers on the lines of dairy cooperatives. They wanted the Institute and the provincial government to extend special assistance to producer cooperatives to build storage facilities including controlled air storage (CAS) and cold vehicles, processing and marketing facilities. “Stop renting CAS from state-owned companies to corporations and entrust it to farmers’ cooperatives. Provide annual estimates of the cost of planting apple and other horticultural crops as this is done on other crops. The Horticultural Census must be held every five years, ”the conference asked.

It also demanded an official guaranteed purchase and a small amount of apple support. “Provide resources to producer cooperatives to purchase from MSP. MSP market interventions should be made to support farmers in the event of crop damage caused by disease and natural disasters. Add an APMC Rules clause to ensure that private buyers including corporate buyers must pay at least an apple price of C2 + 50%, ”the document said.

Farmers are demanding from government agencies such as HPMC and HIMFED to pay off their debts to apple farmers and to pay farmers when the product is delivered. “The government should also ensure that the Commission Agents and the private traders should cancel the arrears to be paid to apple farmers,” he added.

They suspect that corporate buyers were using subtle means to obtain apple quality. “A healthy, high-quality fruit is considered inferior simply because of its appearance. This also encourages negative practices to improve visibility through the use of chemicals, ”said farmers.

The workshop noted that approximately 24 lakh metric tons of apple are produced in India. In that regard, Kashmir contributes 77% of production and 8% of the GDP of Jammu and Kashmir comes from apple.

“About 30% of the product is damaged or damaged in various stages due to the lack of storage facilities for small and medium scale farmers. The average amount collected by farmers in different categories is estimated at Rs 45 per kilogram for grade A, ₹ 20 for grade B and ₹ 8 for grade C. On average, farmers earn Rs 24 per kilogram and since 18 lakh MT is a commodity product, then Rs 4,300 crore is the income farmers produce. Again, the consumer price per apple varies from Rs 30 to Rs 300. If we consider ₹ 80 as the average price of a commodity in the retail market, approximately Rs 14,400 crore is the market value of the consumer. Farmers, who have to bear the cost of production including labor costs, receive less than 30% of this value chain, ”said a resolution adopted at the workshop.

He added that the Agri-fresh rental CAS lease led by the Adani group is another example of how public money is diverted to help corporate housing to make a profit.


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