Apple has devised a way to cool MacBooks

Apple has invented a way to improve thermal performance on its Macbook laptops. A patent filing, discovered first by Patently Apple, shows a way to raise the Macbook off a surface to allow more room underneath the device for heat dissipating.

The patent titled, “Deployable Feet for Display Articulation and Thermals Performance”, has pictures of laptops being elevated by adjustable feet with a way to raise the entire base of the device.

“An electronic device can include a base portion, a display portion rotatably mounted to the base portion, and a deployable feature. The deployable feature can be deployed from the surface of the base portion by an actuation component coupled to the deployable feature. The deployable feature can support the electronic device, increase clearance above a support surface for one or more portions of the electronic device, and/or allow additional functionality for the electronic device,” the patent application reads. Pictures in the patent seem to describe a motorized bottom panel that raises the laptop off its resting surface.

The patent seems very relevant in light of the recent M1-powered Macbooks that Apple launched last year. Since the company uses the same chip ”” with different configurations ”” across the new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, it may become difficult for users to discern the difference.

Furthermore, the difference between 2020”™s Air and Pro is literally in the fact that the Pro has a fan inside, which allows the processor to run at high clock speeds for extended periods. The M1 chip, unlike PC chips, runs at its highest clock speeds all the time, meaning thermal performance is important to manage. Processors throttle speeds when they heat up and the faster a laptop can cool things down better is the overall performance.


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