Apple has fixed a bug that prevented a search with ‘Asian’.

Apple is finally working on upgrading its built-in web content filter within iOS and MacOS that has blocked the search for the word “Asia”. The error has been present for a year and there have been reports of this issue from February 2020 but Apple is correcting it now.

Apple has banned searches related to Asian culture, including “Asian market”, “Asian culture” and “Asian hatred”. This happens when the content restriction tool is opened. Apple’s content restriction tool is actually intended to block adult websites. Search is restricted to both Safari and Google Chrome. In the case of devices that do not have a content limit filter that display normal search results.

When searching for these terms, the web page reads “Blocked Site”. Users can click on “Allow Website” to display the website. Verge found that this search was still banned on iPadOS 14.4.1 and macOS 11.2.3 as well. Many names like “Asian bard” are banned in macOS and iOS. While “Asian restaurants” are restricted to macOS but not to iOS.

Obviously it is a mistake but to see how this has been for a year now, and how it affects a large community is very surprising. Even more surprising is the fact that Apple has taken so long to fix the problem. Apple fixed this error in the latest beta of iOS 14.5, as reported by Mashable. IOS 14.5 goes into a major update, and is expected to be released soon.

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