Apple is releasing a new update of security risk for gadgets

International technology Apple Inc has released an update to its iPhones, iPads and Watches to address security threats under heavy attack by hackers.

According to The Verge, security updates are available for iOS 14.4.2 and iPadOS 14.4.2, which also includes upgrades for gadgets developed as iOS 12.5.2. WatchOS also updated to 7.3.3.

Apple said in a statement that the vulnerability, identified by security experts at Google’s Project Zero, could be “severely exploited” by developers. The bug is found on WebKit, the program car that controls the Safari system on all Apple gadgets.

Verge reported that it was not yet known who was abusing the danger, or who was likely to fall, the victim.

Apple did not say whether the attack was focused on a subset of clients or in the case of a broader attack. It is the third time, according to The Verge that the company has released a security update this year to address imperfections under heavy attack.

Earlier this month the company released clips of the same disability on WebKit.

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