Apple reportedly working on four smart home devices, including high-end HomePod

Apple is reportedly working on four smart home devices, including the flagship HomePod

Apple is considering an aggressive expansion into the smart home market with at least four new products currently in development. A Bloomberg report reveals that plans for the project are still being finalized, but Apple wants to penetrate deeper into the Amazon-dominated smart home market.

The first two devices will be part of the company’s HomePod lineup, with one being a follow-up to the current generation HomePod mini and the other being a refreshed version of the original HomePod. Both smart speakers will reportedly launch in the first half of 2023.

But the next two devices will move Apple into a space where Amazon and Google already have products: smart displays. One is said to be a new smart display for your kitchen that combines an iPad-like screen with smart speakers, while the other will combine Apple TV, HomePod and camera functions into one device for your living room. Gurman expects at least one of the two smart home products to launch in late 2023 or early 2024.

However, at the moment, it looks like the plans are not yet finalized and no one knows exactly when these devices will be available in the market.

Unlike Amazon and Google, Apple has been less aggressive in bringing smart home devices to market. The original HomePod cost $349 and experienced tepid sales.

As previously reported by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working hard to complete the development of an updated version of the full-fledged HomePod. According to Kuo, the next-generation HomePod could come out as early as the end of this year, but it’s more likely that Apple will release a high-end smart speaker in 2023.


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