Apple is working on a new product included

Apple’s HomePod series may not be a major problem for the company but the company seems to have learned its lessons from this and is now expected to launch another new product that will feature a variety of service and entertainment features. It is believed that the production of that new smart space product is in the development stages, according to a Bloomberg report.

The new product will combine the functionality of the Apple TV set-top box with the HomePod speaker and include a video conferencing camera with a connected TV and other smart homework. The report identified people familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified.

The report suggests that other product capabilities will include standard Apple TV box functions such as video and playback and the use of a smart speaker such as playing music and using Apple Siri’s digital assistant.

In addition to the new mysterious product, Apple is also reportedly working on the launch of a high-end speaker with a touch screen to better compete with similar products from rivals Google and Amazon.

Such a device can connect an iPad with a HomePod speaker and install a video chat camera. Apple has explored connecting the iPad with a speaker via a robotic arm that can move a user to a room, similar to the latest Amazon Echo Show gadget.

As Apple is yet to make an official announcement regarding devices, students are advised to take notes with a grain of salt. The company had a history of stopping product development or changing some of its key features before legalizing the product.

According to Strategy Analytics, which owns 2% of the TV streaming device market by 2020 and the HomePod has less than 10% of the smartphones market since its launch. The new products are expected to boost the companyā€¯™s sales in the smart home category.

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