Apple may launch the Apple Watch in extreme sports

Apple Inc. is considering launching the Apple Watch with a sleek bundle aimed at athletes, mountaineers and others who use the device in extreme conditions, according to people familiar with the matter.

The technology giant based in Cupertino, California has discussed internally by introducing such Watch variations later in 2021 or 2022, say people, who have asked for anonymity to discuss confidential matters.

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This is at least the second time Apple has integrated a rugged smartwatch. After launching the first version of the Apple Watch in 2015, the company devised a new model to better attract the best sports athletes. The current model is still popular with runners, mountaineers, and swimmers, and Apple has added many sporting and tracking features to its career cycle with its annual renewal cycle. However, Casio Computer Co and other watchmakers have seen strong sales from solid product designs with added protection.

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If Apple continues this season, the rigorous version could be an additional model such as how Apple offers a less expensive option called the Apple Watch SE and special programs integrated with Nike Inc. and Hermes International. Sometimes referred to as the “Explorer Edition” within Apple, the product will have the same functionality as the standard Apple Watch but with increased impact and protection on Casio’s G-Shock clock watches.

The latest versions of the Apple Watch are already waterproof up to 50 meters – the highest end on most smartwatches. But Apple can make the new device even more “hard” by providing a rubber sole that can be useful in areas where aluminum, titanium and stainless steel cases may be at risk of damage.

The development of the new Apple Watch could eventually be canceled or delayed, say people familiar with the matter. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

Apple is also working on new Apple Watch Swimming Points. The company usually launches new models in September. Last year, it released the less expensive Apple Watch SE and added a faster processor and blood oxygen sensor with the Apple Watch Series 6.

The Apple Watch has become one of Apple’s most important products, though the company has not disclosed its revenue. The device is part of a clothing, home and accessories company, which generated more than $ 30 billion in sales by the end of the financial year. That has made it one of Apple’s most successful brands besides the iPhone. Apple had 40% of the smartwatch market in the last half of 2020, according to a Counterpoint study

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