Apple settles lawsuit with app developer over unfair app rejection

Apple has settled a lawsuit against app developer Kosta Eleftheria, who claimed the tech giant unfairly rejected his app from the App Store, resulting in heavy financial losses.

The lawsuit, filed in March of last year, alleged that Apple made it difficult for him to sell his Flicktype app on the App Store, TechCrunch reports.

The tech giant allegedly used its monopoly power to “crush” developers who compete with it through “exploitative fees and the selective application of opaque and unreasonable restrictions,” the suit alleged.

Eleftheriou filed suit in California Superior Court in Santa Clara County.

He claimed that Apple not only rejected his FlickType Apple Watch keyboard app from the App Store, “then approved competing keyboards and other apps that use an integrated version of the FlickType keyboard to be published on the App Store.”

This contradicted Apple’s claim that the FlickType keyboard offered a “poor user experience”.

As a result, FlickType’s revenue plummeted from $130,000 in the first month to just $20,000 as users noticed “better rated” similar apps in the App Store.

Eleftheriou became famous for catching “massive fraud” in the App Store at a time when Apple had adjusted several of its policies to benefit app developers.

Apple has returned the “Report a problem” button to the App Store.

The company also updated its App Store guidelines to eliminate fraud and scams.


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