Apple stopped running the iPod after more than two decades of running

Apple Inc.’s iPod helped transform the music industry when it was launched more than two decades ago. Now, music fans will soon be asking for a greeting from the host.

The tech giant said on Tuesday that its iPod Touch would only be available if it was still available. It also highlights some of the ways in which people can listen to music in all its various productions.

“Today, the spirit of the iPod continues,” said Greg Joswiak, senior vice president of global marketing.

Released in 2001, the first iPod helped Apple founder Steve Jobs redesign the company, expanding its access from computers to other personal devices and greatly expanding Apple’s access to the music industry.

“If we didn’t make the iPod, the iPhone wouldn’t come out,” said Tony Fadell, a former Apple vice-president known for launching the iPod. that we can do something without a map and that we can actually continue to invent new things in new places. ”

For some buyers, the iPod — which comes in a variety of repetitive colors and models — has become their first introduction to Apple.

The iPod helped launch a new era of music where songs could not be downloaded for 99 cents — shared with artists’ albums — and uploaded to a deck-sized machine. The iPod helped make music easier and smash hit, which helped pave the way for the company to unveil the iPhone, which puts even more important functions on a single device.

Now, as smartphones have become more sophisticated and music is more widely distributed than affordable downloads, iPod sales have declined. Apple has not split iPod sales for years, but unit sales fell by about 24% in the 2014 financial year compared to the previous financial year.

IPhones are now equipped with music streaming, advanced cameras, maps with GPS navigation and many other functions, all of which have contributed to the depletion of the iPod.

“We had no idea that we would be able to make the iPhone the way the iPhone was made, if it wasn’t for the iPod and how it set up the company,” he said. Fadell.

David Varela, a 31-year-old student studying music at California State University, Fullerton, remembers getting his first iPod, a silver iPod Mini in 2004 that was engraved on the back with his name and “Led Zeppelin Rules.” ”

Having an iPod “sounded like a status symbol in some way,” he said.

“For me, when I got my first iPod Mini, I just remember thinking it was the most fun thing,” he remembers how before his iPod, he played music on a CD player that came out of his shirt pocket. There was nothing better than an iPod for me. ”

He had three different iPods over the years but stopped using his latest version when he got his first iPhone in 2007. Today, he broadcasts his music on Apple Music.

The original iPod weighed 6.5 ounces and served as a substitute for CD players, often limiting users to listen to one album at a time.

Apple later launched the iPod Mini in 2004 and the iPod Nano in 2006. The iPod Touch was released in 2007 and the iPod Nano (seventh generation) was released in 2012.

Apple released the iPod Shuffle (fourth generation) in 2015. Apple’s last iPod was the seventh generation iPod Touch, which it released three years ago this month.

“It was inevitable, wasn’t it?” said Mr. Fadell. “I am amazed that it took so long to tell you the truth.”

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