Apple stores allow users to try AirPod as a standard feature

Apple Inc. Stores also allow customers to try out AirPods before purchasing them, another indicator of the company”™s retail sales performance to the standard, according to employees.

Apple stopped allowing customers to try on earbuds when the Covid-19 began to roll out last year. The company now allows try-on in the U.S. and other regional stores that are open to customer access, either on or off. Power to try on AirPods has been available for months in Asian locations.

Some stores still operate using a system known as the Apple Store Express, which returns to the front of the store through the same windows as the bank. Those stores still do not allow consumers to try AirPods. This is an important part of the in-person sales process because some buyers want to decide how earbuds fit or can choose between standard AirPods and AirPods Pro.

While Apple Stores opened and closed according to local conditions a few months ago, all of 270 Apple stores in the U.S. opened for the first time in March. Some stores still retain the Express setup, however.


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