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Apple Watch saves life of 12-year-old child, helps discover rare cancer

Apple’s technology has come in handy several times in saving people’s lives. This time, a young girl’s family has credited the heart-tracking features of the Apple Watch for saving her life by helping her discover a cancer that rarely occurs in children. The Apple Watch heart rate alert feature is available on the Watch SE, Watch 7, as well as the newly launched Watch 8 and Watch Ultra.

One evening, Imani Mile’s Apple Watch began alerting the 12-year-old of an abnormally high heart rate. Mile’s mother, Jessica Kitchen, took her to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with appendicitis. During the diagnosis, they discovered a neuroendocrine system in her appendix, which is rarely found in children.

Doctors then discovered that the cancer had already spread to other parts of Milo’s body. At CS Mott Children’s Hospital, she underwent surgery to remove the remaining cancer.

“If she didn’t have the watch, it could have been a lot worse,” Kitchen told Hour Detroit.

As a reminder, a similar incident was reported earlier this month. This time for apparently revealing the woman’s pregnancy before she was even aware of it. The 34-year-old woman shared a post on Reddit where she writes how the Apple Watch helped detect pregnancy, even before clinical trials. In the post, she writes that the smartwatch had been showing her normal heart rate for several days, leading her to believe something was wrong.

“I usually have a resting heart rate of about 57 and my heart rate went up to 72. It’s not a huge jump, but it became apparent after the alert that it had been higher for 15 days. I started to find out why,” she said. he wrote on the platform. At the time, she assumed she might have Covid-19, but the results were negative.

then he read online articles about fast heart rate in the first weeks of pregnancy. “I’ve read that it sometimes happens in early pregnancy and I’m sure the test was positive right away,” she wrote. “The watch knew I was pregnant before I knew it! I would never have tested without a watch because I didn’t have my period to be late for one,” she added.


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