Apple’s production partners move to 100% renewable energy

Apple announced today that more than 110 of its production partners, worldwide, will go to 100% of renewable energy production capacity for Apple devices. For this, about eight gigawatts of clean energy is scheduled for online storage.

When these production partners exceed 100% of renewable energy they will avoid more than 15 million tons of CO2e metric annually – that is equivalent to removing more than 3.4 million vehicles from the road each year. Apart from this, there will be a major energy conservation project in California that will explore new renewable infrastructure solutions.

“We are committed to helping our providers stay neutral by 2030 and we are delighted that companies have joined us internationally and internationally, including Germany, China, the US, India and France,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple vice president of Environment, Policy and Welfare.

“In a unique year, Apple has continued to work with a global network of partners, companies, and lawyers – including communities most affected by climate change – to help advance our efforts to make everything we do have a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment,” Jackson said.

Apple unveiled its carbon neutral plans for all of its business, manufacturing, product life cycles in July last year and aims to achieve all of this by 2030. This means that by the year 2030, everything Apple has sold will have the perfect weather impact.

Since then, Apple has increased the number of its suppliers who will switch to renewable energy.

The company is already a neutral carbon company in its global operations and is also sharing new information about the $ 4.7 billion spent on Green Bonds to fund environmental projects around the world.

Of the 110 production partners currently part of Apple’s Supplier Clean Energy Program, there is a European DSM Engineering Materials Purchase Agreement that brings fresh clean energy to the grid in the Netherlands, and the STMicroelectronics solar carport in Morocco supports regional power generation. Also, companies like Solvay are now increasing their use of renewable energy in their broader operations after joining the program five years ago.

In the US, Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Marian, The Chemours Company, and Trinseo have all committed to this program. In China, more than 15 suppliers have joined the program in the past six months and many Apple suppliers working in India have also recently joined, including Yuto and CCL.

In many markets where Apple operates, providers have limited options to access clean power. They were able to resolve that problem with China at least through the China Clean Energy Fund. The fund enables Apple and its suppliers to invest in clean energy projects up to more than one gigawatt of renewable energy in China. In some countries Apple links its suppliers with opportunities to purchase renewable energy directly from project engineers and equipment.

Similarly, Apple is building one of the largest battery projects in the country, the California Flats, which is a 240 megawatt power storage project. That is enough energy to power 7,000 homes in one day. The project supports the company’s 130-megawatt solar-powered farm that supplies all of its renewable energy to California.

Apple”™s carbon bartprint has decreased by 40% and it has avoided more than 15 million metric tons of emissions through initiatives to use low-carbon materials, drive energy efficiency, and switch to clean energy.


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