Application development platforms that do not require code

The need for rapid digital transformation has encouraged the expansion of application development platforms, assisting customers with less coding skills in faster build of apps and websites.

These platforms provide ready-made templates, which are popular with businesses and small businesses that need to create software and process processes quickly.

“There is no code that allows people who understand this area to create their own solutions,” said Gautam Nimagadda, founder and chief executive of Quixy. Nammagadda said forums like his would allow apps to be upgraded by 10-15 times more than usual. Established in 2019, it has seen more than 100% growth on a quarterly basis due to the growing demand for digital processes, he said.

According to Gartner’s February 2021 report, the global low-cost technology development technology market is expected to hit $ 13.8 billion this year, a growth of 22.6% from 2020.

Abhinav Girdhar, founder of Appy Pie, another code-free platform, said his business has seen almost 80% of business growth over the past year alone. “2020 has been working as a tail. Many SMEs are starting to make computers as a result of the epidemic, “he said.” Girdhar said that while 4,000-5,000 applications were being made on his platform daily before the epidemic, the number reached more than 12,000 applications built each day last year. which could cost $ 2 million in its restaurant app.The Appy Pie gets most of its customers from North America and Europe, but has said it has begun to focus on India more and more than 2020, launching television campaigns to reach potential customers.

Sanchit Vir Gogia, founder of Greyhound Research, said using such platforms could also reduce the cost of repairing companies and reduce security risks, as the code they use has been tested by many others.


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