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Banning VLC Media Player in India? Here is what the RTI showed

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular applications when it comes to video streaming. Anyone who used a PC in the 1990s or early 2000s knows how popular VLC media player was when it came to watching movies and TV shows. However, the VLC Media Player website appears to be banned in India, and the ban appears to have been in effect since March this year, according to an earlier report by Medianama.

But what is the reason why the site was banned? An RTI (Right to Information) request filed by the Internet Freedom Foundation shows that no one knows what the reason for the ban is. The Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) tweeted that it had filed an RTI with the Department of Telecommunications in June about the website ban. The DOT forwarded the request to Meity or the Department of Electronics and Information and Technology. Meita’s response on July 14 was that “No information is available [with MeitY]”.

Check out the IFF thread below 

According to the IFF’s tweets, they were “seeking information on the grounds on which access to videolan[dot]org was blocked in India and whether the website owners were given any opportunity to be heard before the website was blocked in India”. However, they only received a one-line response that Meity did not have such information.

In a tweet, the IFF added that they had “filed an initial appeal against this response arguing that it is illegal and demonstrates a lack of application of mind”.

Indianexpress has asked the IFF for a further statement regarding the ban on VLC media player. All we know right now is that the site is not accessible. You can still download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. And if you have the player installed on your laptop, it should work fine.

The official VLC Media Player Twitter account also tweeted about the ban and asked for help, and seems equally clueless as to the reason for the ban. Hopefully it will be clear why the website is not available in India.


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