Beng e-commerce startups are planning to help small electric traders

Magitronix EC, which is a start-up company, is targeting consumers in small towns with the intention of buying it online and helping e-shop owners who do not have access to a network of major e-commerce players, a company official said on Sunday.

The start-up company in West Bengal has also received approval from the Department of Trade and Industry Development (DPIIT) for the trade department and will start trading through its portal ‘, he said.

“We don’t have a warehouse. The nearest electronics stores will operate as retailers. This is a start with no foreign investment so far,” said Magitronix CEO Indrajit Ghosh.

Offline sales of e-commerce stores across the country have been scorched due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Commenting on a recent study released by IT body Nasscom and technology retailer technology, Technopak Advisors, he said, “The emergence of an ‘offline’ (O O) market is seen as a growing partnership of digital-enabled retail stores.”

He said the FIS report also indicated that India’s digital market business would affect USD 111 billion by 2024.

Nabendu Ray, former head of sales at Samsung India, has joined his start as a director, Ghosh said.

Former West Bengal domestic secretary and IT departments GD Gautama is also a member of the advisory board, adding Aditi Olemann, who had joined the Tata team and is now a successful businessman in the technology sector, has joined the company.

Ghosh said the startup would also improve the skills of neighbouring shop owners who would be entrusted with working on products sold through its website.

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