Beware of the WhatsApp scam that claims to offer Amazon gift

The instant messaging platform, WhatsApp is one of the most popular ways to communicate in India. However, this method can also be used by stubborn people who want to steal users their data or engage in financial fraud. The new scam seems to be making rounds looking for vulnerable WhatsApp users.

According to a fact-finding website, Newsmeter, some WhatsApp users receive messages with a link that may appear to be from Amazon’s official site at a glance. The preview of the link says it celebrates 30 years of Amazon. The link then redirects the user to a page that looks like a web site owned by an Amazon domain.

On the web page, the user is congratulated on the test option, upon completion where the user will receive the Huawei Mate 40 Pro. The site even specifies the phone variant.

The list says there will be only 100 winners. The site also creates a sense of urgency by setting a timer on the site, to create panic and trick the user into providing certain important information about the research.

The report suggests that although fortunately ”˜selected”™ users can take the survey over and over again and in many cases be declared the winner. Students are advised to stop clicking on those links. To satisfy their curiosity, users can go to the official app (this time Amazon) and search for a link to such a contest.

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