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Bing chatbot can now generate images using the DALL-E model

Microsoft announcedthat the Bing chatbot can now generate not only text, but also images if the user explicitly asks for it. A new feature called Bing Image Creator uses an “extended version of the DALL-E model” from OpenAI to create images. At the moment, the novelty may not be available to all users, since the deployment takes place in several stages.

Protections are integrated into the function so that the chatbot cannot generate potentially dangerous images. Image Creator is governed by the OpenAI Policies and Principles and Microsoft’s Responsible AI Policy.

When our system detects that a request could generate a potentially harmful image, it will block it and warn the user. We also make it clear that Image Creator images are generated by artificial intelligence, so we place a modified Bing icon in the lower left corner of each image to emphasize that the image was created using Image Creator.

In addition, Bing Image Creator will be available in Microsoft Edge as a new sidebar item. This will allow users to quickly generate images no matter what web page is open in the browser.


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