BSNL unveils cheapest recharge plan: Should you buy it?

BSNL reveals cheap re-charging program: Should you buy it?

An Rs 19 package with a 30-day warranty has been added to the BSNL portfolio. The cheapest way to store your mobile phone number is to charge it. Inexpensive programs, ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 120, are offered by Airtel, and Vodafone Idea on the other hand. However, such programs offer 4G network connectivity, while BSNL only offers 3G. On August 15th, BSNL aims to launch a 4G network in India.

BSNL Rs 19 recharge is a good option for you if all you want to do is keep your number alive. Without a doubt, BSNL will compete with Vi, as well as Airtel for this inexpensive re-charge. Let’s take a look at BSNL Rs. The 19 recharge plan should provide.

BSNL Rs. The 19 recharge program is valid for 30 days. The program is known by the company name VoiceRateCutter 19. The cost of both online and offline calls is reduced to 20 minutes per minute with this recharge. The important point is that the SIM card will remain active and continue to receive all services and calls even if the customer does not have another data plan or balance in their mobile phone number.

The cost of the program, multiplied by 12 months for a full year limit, amounts to only Rs 228. For only Rs 228 a customer can keep a cell phone number active throughout the year. The same will provide the Vi plan, with Airtel running for one month. Rs 19 rebate is part of the Voice Voucher plan list within the Prepaid Plans section of the BSNL website.


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